Tips On How To Plan A Wonderful Wedding

Congratulations that you got engaged and now it is time to walk down the aisle. But you are not yet through the thickets. There are things you should remember to make your day memorable. One thing is to make things simple right from the planning stage to the time you go for your honeymoon.

Colorful flowers, great gourmets, tasty cake and appealing music are some of the things you should get right. But this not all that entails planning a wedding, there are other nitty gritty issues which can make a huge difference.


What do you want? 

You know what you want as couples. Your families also have a say into what goes where. But do not do something because your friends did it in their wedding. Avoid a competitive mindset and you will have a wonderful day. This is your day to be happy so make it about you.

Steer away from black dates

It is important to set your wedding on a good date. Choose a day when there are no other major events that will affect access to hotels. Conferences, charity walks, and political rallies will block traffic and venues. Check on your date whether there are other colliding events.


Find the right place

the task of finding the right location is one of the most daunting piece of the equation. Of course all of us want always to find the best of the best for what their taste his. Do you want an exotic wedding and you love Italian food? Why not hiring the best among the Italian Restaurants in Sydney? Obviously it won’t always be possible to find the best of the best, considering your budget is really important, do not forget that.


Ask what you don’t know

Do not be afraid to ask things you do not know. Your wedding vendors are the best people to walk you through the entire event. Ask them about the best ideas and let them factor in your preferences in every part of planning. Remember, you are not ignorant when you want to make a great day for you and your couple.

Your people should be on top of the list

Group your guest into priority tiers. Your immediate family should be on top of the list. Follow them with your aunts, uncles and cousins. Your bridal party and friends should also be given first priority. This way, it will be easy to make cuts from the bottom and leave the most important people at the top of the list.

Marriage licences are important

You do not want your party to be stopped mid-way because your event is not licensed. Learn about marriage licences in your state. When you get the original document, make copies and give one to your spouse and another one to one of your maids just in case you misplace yours.

You can do it yourself 

A wedding should not be expensive; you can work on a limited budget. You can do most of the things by yourself and only seek professional help when you get stuck. You can use your network of friends who have experience in wedding preparation to give you a hand.

Make a light list of guests

You do not want to spend a fortune in your wedding. You can save some money for the future. Invite only people you think cannot be left out of the attendance list. This will make your guest list lighter and you can tend to all their needs. Not everybody you invite will attend so be prepared to get some rejections.

A well-planned wedding will turn out as a great event. Do not ignore the smallest details; they may make a huge difference. if you want to find some more advice about wedding planner stay tune or click here