How to Do Your Part in Your Community

A community is a place where you find home, warmth, friendship, and above all, a sense of belonging. As a community member, you should have a responsibility of contributing something to the place where you’re living your life. It is a method of preserving your way of living there and improve your lives for the better. So if you think that you haven’t made your contribution yet and you plan on doing it sooner or later, then here are some ways to get you started on that.

Introduce yourself – If you’re a bit new to the community or neighborhood, introduce yourself properly by making a call to the nearby houses. You should take the time to talk to your neighbors to bring out a good impression. This will help forge new relationships and so that you will start to get a feel of the place.

Organize a garage sale – The best way for you to know your neighbors is do a frequent communication with them. One way of doing this is for you to organize a garage sale that will entice your neighbors and drop by your house. This will also provide an opportunity to let your neighbors know what you’ve been up to through the items that you’re selling. It will also allow you to have a bit of chitchat with them in the process.

Try a volunteer clearinghouse – There are times that the community may require some volunteers for the clearinghouse. If ever an opportunity like this is requested by the community, don’t hesitate to be a part of it and tell them that you’re interested. They will appreciate the effort and may have to interview you so that they can get a bit of a background about yourself. This will surely impress the community especially if you’ll be doing it on a regular basis.

Volunteer at a place of worship – Majority of the religious organizations do charity works, and they require some volunteers to make it possible. If that is the case, you should try participating in the charity works that these churches or synagogues may require because they always need all the help they can get. Depending on the size of the community that you reside in, you may have a lot of areas to cover to help those in need.

Speak out in the community – Apart from petitions, there are also other ways that you can become an advocate on certain issues that have arisen from your community. If you have special interests on topics that require attention such as community schools, parks, or traffic control, then make sure that you talk about it. You can do this by writing an opinion-editorial piece for your local newspaper or website, or perhaps become a speak during your community meeting.

With these tips and advice, being a part of a community won’t be so hard to achieve. Just make sure to be consistent about it so that they know what you are capable of and they’ll be glad that you’re a part of their community.