Shift Work Sleep Disorder And How To Avoid It

Posted by admin on November 23rd, 2012 filed in Uncategorized

If you work third shift, you may find that you are suffering from shift work sleep disorder without even knowing it. Shift work sleep disorder is identified by insomnia and excessive sleepiness due to working a schedule that is not natural to you. Learning to avoid it takes time and some conscious thought.

One of the keys to beating shift work sleep disorder is maintaining a rigorous sleep schedule. You have to be more diligent about it than you would if you were sleeping in a way that is normal to you. Get in bed by a certain time, and get up a certain time. This makes a huge difference to your ability to get rest.

Some people do very well with light therapy, where they make sure that they get a certain amount of bright artificial light every day. This light is meant to mimic the light from the sun, and it helps regulate your circadian rhythms.

Some people also benefit from melatonin treatment, which is a natural hormone that humans produce. Melatonin is available over the counter, and can help regulate the way that you sleep and the amount that you sleep.

Learning more about this common disorder can help you treat it.

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